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White Water Productions delivers with their second outing "BREEDING PARTY", with 8 hot muscled hunks in a non-stop amazing gangbang video. Each stud is noteworthy by themselves. Put them together and the chemistry is action-packed bareback action at its best. The choreography of the gangbang will leave you covered in cum - just as is the lucky bottom make in the films final scene.

Put 8 hot guys in a situation where they are close, and you're in for a treat. Breeding Party features 8 hot guys who immediately pair off into 4 couples making out. The kissing is hot, deep and passionate. Jeans are expanding and tactile touch is getting out of control. Shirts come off and smooth, muscled chests are revealed, along with some very hot tattoos.

With more flesh exposed, kissing can expand to include nipples and armpits. A few hard cocks begin to expose themselves.

Each couple is in their own world, but with a subtle awareness of what the surrounding sexual activity includes. Before you know it, the room is filled with voracious cock sucking. It's almost a contest-like atmosphere to see who can out-perform the other. And from the sound of the moans, every one is winning.

These guys are gorgeous. Handsome faces. Rugged good looks with facial hair at that just perfect unshaven state. There are a variety of cocks - all delicious. Whatever your taste - long, thick, both, these guys have it all.

A bit further along, the lines are blurring between the four couples as some of the guys cross over into three-somes kissing another guy while their cock is being deep-throated.

All bets are off now. It's every man for himself, and legs go up in the air and tongues up their asses. A few of these guys have the most beautiful balls I've ever seen, rolling around in their large, hanging sacks - responding to each lick and suck.

The choreography of the sex scene is balanced like art. And the two guys having their asses eaten have perfect holes, puckered with each probing tongue flick.

In the background, face-fucking continues as the moans intensify. Some double cock sucking by the middle guy is totally hot. His greedy mouth has pleanty of room for two dicks.

And the fucking begins with two guys riding their cocks taking them in long strokes, nice and deep.

The penetration is hot. There's nothing as hot as a nice round ass being stretched by a super thick cock. It's even better bareback as you know these studs are feeling that skin-on-skin action. Their "V"-shaped backs flex with the intensity of the sexual action. You can sense the heat as their muscles tighten.

Some doggie-style fucking gives us another angle of penetration and the powing intensifies. The combinations of oral and anal, in a beautiful mass of man-meat, muscle covers the screen. Wall-to wall muscle dominates the action.

In one moment, the action switched to one bottom mercilessly tossed on the ground. All the others are standing around while he is being plowed. they all start taking turns plowing him. He offers no resistence as the others stand around watching stroking their cocks.

Film Code: WW002
Price: $49.95
Current Reviews: 1
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