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Glory Holes of Desire from Elite Male is a gay starring twinks and muscle studs with ass fucking and facial cum shots.

Glory holes are great sexual levelers. Users are relegated to their sexual organs and talent above all else, but that's real life. In porn life, and here in "Glory Holes of Desire," a who's who of Hungarian porn, all gorgeous and pumped, use the holes as a first meeting place, a springboard for their rapacious lust.

In a room full of buddy booths, dashing Lucio Maverick is dressed in a suit, spitting on a random cock in a hole and sucking nicely. He may be coming from work or from a stylish affair, but does the guy on the other side of the wall care what he's wearing? No, it's Lucio's mouth that is keeping him hard. The dick belongs to Flavio Valentino, a glambomb type who, also in a suit, looks like he came from a modeling shoot. Lucio valiantly blows until they somehow know it's time to switch places and then Flavio continues with a decent sucking, notable most for his lively hand work. The holes in this movie are wonderfully large, so Flavio can push his entire ass against one so Lucio can give him an eager rimjob and then receive the same. Of course, that means they can also fuck, and Lucio effortlessly glides in and out of Flavio, the wall not at all an impediment to a hearty pounding. Finally, the two leave the booths so Lucio can fuck Flavio on the tile floor in an engaging series of positions. After Flavio has cum, Lucio shoots a big load on Flavio's neck.

Into the red maze of holes Mickey, all rarin' for some anonymous orality. The ever-adorable Jack Wright, sporting a rather interesting hairdo, obliges with a wet sucking. Mickey can't see the head-snapping style Jack uses, but it works for him, keeping his uncut stiffy happily hard. Bushy-browed Mickey then sticks his asscheeks into the window so Jack can eat his ass just as relentlessly. The glory hole they are using is a good idea: the hole is actually at Jack's face, so he doesn't have to squat to work. That can be so uncomfor ... um ... it's just a really good idea. The two finally meet face to face, where Jack reveals his inked tight body. Now Jack can relax a bit and let Mickey do the work. Jack's cock is notoriously difficult, a very long curver, but Mickey sucks it earnestly before the bulk of it is shoved into his ass. Jack, always looking like a boy, fucks like a he-man, wielding that cock with authority. Mickey is tight, so Jack can't be as playful as he often is, but he forges ahead with the amount he can get inside, much to the cooing glee of Mickey. Mickey then parks himself on Jack and rides, less effective for Jack's shape, but still fun for the pair. Jack is the first to cum and then Mickey drops a load neatly on Jack's shoulder.

One of Hungary's spiciest performers, Claudio Antonelli, his tattooed body hidden in a suit, very confidently applies his goateed face to a dick popping through a hole, just waiting for his gulping throat. Claudio works it into full thickness, but he also seems strangely out of tune here, a performer who loves eye contact and chemistry, here having to deal, at least at first, in anonymity. The body attached to the dick is that of handsome Ewan Rochelle. The dreamy Ewan's cock is just enormous, and Claudio does get playful when it reaches full erection. They switch places at the hole so Ewan can gobble at Claudio's dick, spitting and chasing while keeping himself hard too. Ewan fits his hairy butt into the hole so Claudio can give it a tongue-flapping rimjob, now unleashing a bit more pep into the scene. Dedicated bottom Claudio diligently works backwards toward the hole when Ewan is inserted into his ass, but again, the wall between them is a hindrance rather than a help here. At long last, they meet in one booth so Claudio can bounce up and down Ewan's cock, only a small amount of which fits inside him. Their chemistry immediately surges, but just in time for the two to shoot their loads.

Fredy Costa's body looks better than ever as the big-lipped stud undresses and shoves his cock through a hole. There to suck it on the other side is returning Flavio, who apparently likes to hang out in these establishments. His hand-led blowjob is again dependable, and he shows great desire for Fredy's giant cock. He keeps at Fredy for a long time, but then takes a brave step and puts his cock into the hole. A wonderful performer, but a lacking cocksucker, Fredy does okay work, but the tide soon turns to ass-licking. Flavio laps at Fredy's pale pink hole with good gusto and then jams his ass against the wall so Fredy can fuck him. Flavio does the work by thrusting himself backwards to the hole, with more and more speed, until they meet in Fredy's room. There, Flavio rides Fredy, still letting the dependable topman with little to do. This scene belongs completely to Flavio, who is back on his own side of the wall when Fredy wants to cream on his asscheek.

A dick like Jack Wright's deserves another scene, and luckily when he's dangling it through a hole, short-haired Igor Kravchuck arrives to play with it. Igor is diligent and sensual when attacking Jack, opening very wide to take in as much as he can. What he can't swallow, he licks lovingly. After the two rub their dicks together in the hole, Jack kneels to reward Igor with one of his gallant blowjobs. Igor is hugely hung himself, but Jack can handle it. Jack quickly moves to rimming Igor, spitting big gobs into the hairy hole and then tongue fucking sensationally. The tit for tat continues as Igor does Jack, though without shoving his tongue too deep inside, merely tickling around the opening. Jack tops Igor through the hole, alert and rambunctious, while Igor plants himself steady against the walls to take it. Igor then gets to do Jack missionary without anything between them, once again at full stylish strength. The bottom has an opportunity to ride his giant top, actually taking more of him in this position. As they kiss, their aim their cum-shots at each other's crotches.

Film Code: EM007
Price: $49.95
Current Reviews: 2
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